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What else do we do?

You probably figured out by now what we do during the Kick-In, but of course there’s an entire study year attached to it during which a lot is happening! Below is a short overview of our activities as a study association.


The StudIO is the room of our study association, located in the basement of the Horst building, the same building where industrial design is housed. It is the ideal place to take a break after a heavy lecture, to enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea at the lounge, or to buy some delicious snacks. The StudIO is also the best place to ask questions to the board, as the StudIO also serves as an office for the board.


A study association must not be confused with a student association. The most important difference is that we actually involved with education, specifically for the Industrial Design. Besides, we ensure that you have your drawing materials and textbooks, and you can contact us for questions, comments and complaints about the education. We also organize various study related activities such as excursions, lunch lectures, symposia and various courses.

Besides all the serious study related activities, we organize a lot of social activities for our members! For example, four times a year, we organize a party for our members and outsiders in the city center, always with a nice theme and a cool location. Also, a prom night and a first year camp are anually recurring events. But there is more to do than just celebrate, we also participate in several sports tournaments, socials competitions and design competitions. Furthermore, we organize a special exhibition, displaying the work of our members, showing it to the public. Of course, you are all free to choose whether you do or do not want to participate in certain activities, but we would love it if you would attend as many activities as possible! 



Would you like to organize activities by yourself? Well, you can! Actually, almost all of the activities and events listed above are organized by committees of Daedalus. These committees consist for 100% of Industrial Design students and are the perfect way for you to organize some truly awesome activities! Joining a committee is not just fun to do, it will also be an experience that you will learn from a lot. More information is available on the committee market at the start of each year, and by contacting the board.

It definitely is a lot of information, but do not worry if you do not understand everything at once. If there are any questions, please send an e-mail to secretary@daedalus.utwente.nl. See you at the Kick-In and in the Studio!


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