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Can you use some tips and advice to study more effectively or to make good career choices? Do you want to develop certain skills better? Are you almost done with the study and do you want to orient yourself on the job market or apply for a job? Think of courses such as optimal exam preparation or Brain training, where you learn to read, learn and remember faster, but also Time Management, which speaks for itself, and various writing and language courses to improve your academic writing and language skills in Dutch and English.

UT Student Career Service

With this service you can look for interesting employers. Orient yourself easily and quickly and discover various organizations that fit in with your Master's program. View start functions and various internship possibilities! Prepare for the application process with the interactive Application Tools.


The Study & Career has been set up for these purposes. Study & Career itself offers courses, tips and guidance, but also refer to the offer of other (UT) parties, see the website for a complete course overview.