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Click here for the website of the Study Tour 2018: Study Tour Ukiro!


Purpose of the journey

The journey aims for gaining insights in the field of Industrial Design elsewhere in the world. In the run-up to the trip and the research, the participants will attend guest lectures and/or symposiums to get the research off to a good start with enough background information. During the trip, participants will visit companies daily to see how Industrial Design has been implemented in practice there. In addition to the research, which makes this trip special, the journey for participants is a chance for a great and educational experience, which they only get once in their study time.


Case study

To make this trip financially attractive for students, a lot of money is needed. Participants will all carry out a case study at a company. A case study is an assignment that students carry out using their knowledge in practice. Participants will spend about 120 hours on this. For the delivered work a financial contribution is given that is used to finance the trip.


In the past, Industrial Design students have already carried out various assignments at companies. Students from the Industrial Design program are broadly oriented and can be a valuable addition for companies in various industries. They are creative and visually oriented, know a lot about production and development methods and manage many different software packages.


If an assignment for a participant joins one of the educational areas of the Industrial Design program, it is also possible to involve a professor here. This will then supervise the assignment. With larger cases, it is also a possibility that several participants carry out an assignment together. In addition to these cases, a collaboration also yields other benefits. This way you can acquire more name recognition within the University of Twente with a view to possible graduation internships. If desired, a tour of the University of Twente also belongs to the possibilities.


Case studies are independent of the research that will be carried out during the trip. The purpose of the cases is to enable participants to gain practical experience from companies and serve as financial support for the journey. Participants can thus devote themselves to financing their own study trip.



In addition to fundraising through case studies, there are also more regular sponsorship opportunities. Mainly in the preliminary and final report of the research that will be distributed with a large number of students, teachers and external stakeholders in the Industrial Design Engineering program. The final report will be published in the form of a nice book with many sponsor options. From a small entry to a full-color center fold. Digital sponsorship on the website is also an option. Besides regular sponsoring options, we do not shy away from playful sponsor activities, for example in the form of a guest speaker during lectures or symposiums. We are always open to new ideas.