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Education Organisation

Within the study of Industrial Deisgn (Engineering) there are several Education Organisations active to maintain and improve the quality of the programme. Students with points of improvement can always contact one of these organisations or contact the Officer of Educational Affairs.

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee (OLC) is an advisory organ established by law and consists of both students and teachers. The Programme Director and the Officer of Educational Affairs will always attent the meetings as guests. The OLC is mainly involved in the education and examination regulations. Moreover, the OLC can give (binding) advice to the Education Programme. Educational evaluations, amongst others made by the EvaCom, form the basis of this advice. Furhtermore the OLC has to give their judgement on the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) every year. In the EER or student charter is described how the study programme operates.

Do you want to know more about the Programme Committee? Click here

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee (EvaCom) evaluate courses of the bachelor and master program of Industrial Design Engineering. It is of great importance that the courses are evaluated so that it can be ascertained where the bottlenecks and strengths of the programme are. This way, the wishes and needs of the students can be used to improve the study programme. The EvaCom eveluates modules and module-parts by use of surveys and evaluation lunches. Always try to fill in these surveys and attent these evaluation lunches as much as possible. The evaluations can found at the Daedalus Drive.

Go to [3. Public Folder], and then [Evaluations]. Here you can find the results of all evaluations.

Do you have any questions or comments for the Evaluation Committee? Ask one of the members.

VisIO a consulattive body which tries to improve and inspire the study program Industrial Design (Engineering) by organizing consultations with the student members of the OLC, EvaCom and the Faculty Council. The chairman of the VisIO is the Officer of Educational Affairs. He will always attent these meetings. In these meetings the current state of affairs is discussed; are there any problems and how can we solve these? Due to these meetings many problems can be solved quickly.

Do you have a topic for the VisIO? Ask the Officer of Educational Affairs.


Faculty Council
Where the education committee acts as the advising body in matters concerning the programme, the faculty council fulfils that role for the faculty of Engineering Technology (ET).  The difference to the Education Committee is that the Faculty Council does have the right to consent when it comes to certain matters such as the Education and Examination regulation (EER). It is a body with more legal power. The Faculty Council consists of five student members and five staff members. Student members are chosen annually through election. The Faculty Council assembles twice a month for meetings, one of which is attended by the dean. Besides educational matters the Faculty Council discusses research and handle matters that concern the entire faculty such as the climate control system in the Horst.

Rianne Hagen participates on behalf of the study program Industrial Design Engineering. More information about the Faculty Council can be found here.