On this page you can find information about doing a minor for Industrial Design (Engineering) students. 

The minor is a free period in the bachelor curriculum in which students can orientate themselves both within and outside of Industrial Design. The minor usually takes place in modules 9 and 10, but it is possible to take up the minor in another quartile.

For questions and/or comments you can always come to the officer of educational affairs or the study advisor.



To be able to follow a minor, you must have 90 EC, of which 60 EC comes from your first year. If you want to take up your minor but you don’t have 90 EC yet, contact your study advisor. Also, as an Industrial Design student you can’t do all minors at the UT. For further requirements per minor, have a look at the matrices at the website of the UT.



Down below an infographic is shown that shows the general steps for registering.

Minor Infographic

As you can see, you have to register twice for your minor. Once for the minor at the university where you want to follow your minor courses, and once at the University of Twente to let the programme know you want to take this minor up in your curriculum. In case of you staying at the UT, this means that you have to register twice in Osiris. Once to ‘apply’ for the minor, and once before the start of the module to register for the minor.

If you want to go abroad for your minor, you have to sign up in Mobility Online. Mobility Online will guide you through the process of signing up step by step.


Minors at the University of Twente

The University of Twente offers different minors. They are shortly described in this paragraph. For more information, check the information at the website of the UT.


High Tech Human Touch minor

The university offers modules especially made for the minor, in the form of HTHT modules. These modules enlighten social themes for which the university finds HTHT solutions through research.

Usually the HTHT modules are offered as a package (2* 15 EC), however in many cases it is possible to follow a separate module of 15 EC.


Join-In minor

As a student, you also have the possibility to do a join-in module at another study programme. The join-in modules can be done throughout the year.

As an Industrial Design student you can’t do all join-in minors, and naturally not the join-in module of ID.


Crossing Borders, Educative minor*, Board minor*

The University of Twente also offers other minors, one of which is Crossing Borders. This minor strives to prepare students for working and functioning in an international environment. You can follow this minor in separate modules of 15 EC, or as a package of 2* 15 EC.


The Educative minor lets students get acquainted with the profession of teacher. This minor consists out of courses at the UT and an internship at a middle school. You can follow both the basic- and in-depth module, 15 EC each, of this minor.


The board minor gives students that are in a board the opportunity to amplify their won managerial competencies. This minor is only accessible for students that are in a board of a student association that takes up more than half-time.



If you want to do another master than Industrial Design Engineering, you often have to do a pre-master. In some cases, you can do this pre-master during the minor period. If you want to do a pre-master, you have to contact the study advisor of the relevant programme and your own study advisor.

The pre-masters that are followed mostly by Industrial Design students are Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, and Biomechanical Engineering.


In-Depth minor

As a UT-student, you have the possibility to take up an in-depth module in your minor. These in-depth modules give the opportunity to broaden your knowledge in a field of study by choice. You can do an in-depth minor both within Industrial Design as at another programme.

The in-depth minor for ID is called ‘Scientific Challenges’. This module serves as a connection between education and research, because you will be studying a certain topic which complements the research done in the department of Design Production and Management.


*This minor is only offered in Dutch


Following a minor at another university

During your minor period you can also follow courses at another university. This can be in the Netherlands, but also abroad. The TU Delft, for example, offers special minors for Industrial Design students.

A minor abroad can only be done at universities that Engineering Technology, the faculty ID belongs in, has a contract with. This brings a lot of (financial) benefits to students that want to study there, like not having to pay extra college fee. More information can be found at the website of ET.