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The Board

The Board

S.G. Daedalus is led by a full time board, containing solely of Industrial Design students. At the moment, the board consists of five board members:

Chairman: Meike Froklage

Secretary: Marijn Rivière

Treasurer: Wendie van der Meer

Officer of Internal Affairs: Marijn Rivière

Officer of External Affairs: Duncan Lorraine

Officer of Educational Affairs: Rianne Hagen


As Daedalus we are always open to suggestions, so if you have a great idea or just thought of something fun to do together? Let us know! You can reach us by passing by in the StudIO, sending an e-mail, calling us, or sending us a message via our contact page (link)

If you are interested in the previous boards of S.G. Daedalus, you can take a look below.