Even after you’ve finished your study and are no longer a student, you still have the opportunity to stay in contact with the association and share experiences with your fellow graduates. You can do this by becoming an alumnus member of S.G. Daedalus.

By becoming an alumnus member at S.G. Daedalus, you’ll have a direct connection with the companies we promote and with the University of Twente. More importantly, though, is the social aspect: you get to stay in touch with fellow graduates and you can stay up up to date with the more interesting developments within the association. You’ll also be invited to an alumni activity once a year and will receive the association magazine three times a year.

Besides this, you’ll always be welcome in the StudIO to drink a nice cup of coffee and to ‘network’. The first year is free, subsequent years will cost €10 a year. If you’d like to be an alumnus member send a mail to board@daedalus.utwente.nl!